My name is Martin and I love photography.
At age 11 I got my first camera and back then already had a lot of fantasies of how the picture should look like.
Now, 50 years later, those fantasies are still there. They are just easier to realize now.
In my photos I try to create a mysterious and fabulous atmosphere.
I like to take photos where I have to think about solutions to tell a beautiful story.
The photos I take are very personal to me. I don’t just take a photo, but try to capture a moment that never returns because once a photo has been taken, the picture is already a thing of the past. With a photo of a clock, the time will be frozen and always remain the same, but the background, lighting or effect can always be changed.
That’s why I love to post process the photos. So it’s not just about taking the photo, but also about editing it.
I never studied photography, I achieved my knowledge through a lot of self-study and by trying out things myself.
I take my photos with a NIKON camera and various lenses. I usually create the effects with homemade tools and photo editing software.
I dream of being able to buy a Hasselblad camera someday

Martin Meurs

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